What to Know When Selling your Bike to SellBike.com

We Buy Any Bike Terms and Conditions​

Sellbike.com is a site operated by Carbay Ltd. (we or us), with a registered address at Grape Mill, Holden Fold Lane, Oldham, OL2 5LW. We are a company registered in England and Wales under company number 5509357.


Assumptions we have made:

We will make the following assumptions about your bike unless you update your online valuation form with the correct information:


  • Your bike has over 1 months MOT. 

  • Your bike isn’t an import. 

  • Your vehicle hasn’t ever been subject to an insurance write off or has never been used as a police vehicle, or for private hire / rental

  • Your bike has no damage, cosmetic or mechanical. 

  • Your bike isn't a non-runner and is roadworthy

  • You have two sets of keys 

  • Your tyres are within the recommended legal limits 

  • Your vehicle has had no modifications or colour changes

  • Your vehicle has no extras and is standard

  • You have all relevant sets of keys.

  • You are in possession of the vehicles V5 document (Logbook).


You have the option on the following pages to amend any of the above assumptions.


Fair wear and tear:

The assumptions we have made assume that your bike is in average condition for its age and mileage. We are assuming that there are no major mechanical faults. Damage added by you should be considered above and beyond fair wear and tear.


Full Inspection:

Any valuation given through our site, by e-mail (Online Valuation), or by telephone, is a valuation based upon what you tell us about your bike and is NOT a formation of a sales contract. An Inspection of your bike by a member of our staff is required before any sale is to be considered. Prior to this inspection no offer or valuation from us can be considered as a formation of a sales contract. After you have received an Online Valuation, you can organise for our collection team to inspectyour bike before the decision to purchase your bike is made. If we consider thatthe value of a bike is affected by any aspect of its history or condition, whichwas not apparent to us when we gave the online valuation, the price that we offerfor it following a full inspection may differ. We are under no obligation to uphold any offer or valuation prior to this inspection.


Our guarantee:

If there is a change in the market value of your bike resulting in a reduced valuation, then we endeavour to let you know what the new valuation is at least 24 hours before our collections team are due to be with you, so that you have the opportunity to cancel, if you choose to do so.


Payment Options:

Our standard payment is by Instant Bank Transfer, this payment is received in your bank account instantly whilst our collections team are with you. The bike will not be taken until you have received full payment for the vehicle. Alternative payment methods can be arranged with prior notice.


Validity Of Price:

Our computer-generated prices are given as an estimation ONLY. An Online Valuation is not an offer by us to purchase the vehicle. It is simply a tool to enable you to estimate the value of your vehicle and the price which we may be willing to pay for it. We make no guarantee that the price is what we will pay for your vehicle when a deal is negotiated. We strive to ensure that our computer-generated online prices are accurate, however, because sometimes computer errors can occur due to factors beyond our everyday control, all of our prices must be verified by a member of staff before we will consider them a valid bid for a vehicle, and are subject to inspection.



When you visit our site we collect standard internet log information and details of visitor behaviour patterns through the use of cookies. We do this to find out things such as the number of visitors to the various parts of the site. We collect this information in a way which does not identify anyone. We will not associate any data gathered from this site with any personally identifying information from any source. To understand more about which cookies we use, please visit our Privacy Policy.


Acceptance of our provisional offer:

Once you accept our provisional offer , we will recheck all information with regards to your vehicle and issue you an email with our provisional offer subject to viewing, which is subject to our pre purchase inspection and is in no way a legally binding contract at this stage.

If you notice any thing with regards to the history. mileage or condition of your vehicle other than what has been discussed with our valuations advisor you must contact your advisor immediately by phone so we can update our records accordingly, before our driver arrives.


Collections Team:

Our collections team will contact you within 24 hours of your acceptance to arrange a day and time to suit.

Once this has been arranged you will receive an email which will state the date, time and named driver along with their telephone number so you can keep in touch should anything change.

If you can contact your named driver should you wish to change your date and time with at least 24 hours notice to avoid our driver arriving at your property. 


Free Collection Terms and Conditions

Free collection is subject to vehicles valued by Sellbike.com above £1000 however we may offer to collect any vehicle below this value at our discretion. We may offer to purchase a vehicle below the £1000 value that has been delivered to ourselves following an inspection.  This value is subject to change without warning at any time.

It may be that the bid value of your bike is equal to or less than the cost of the collection and used to offset collection charge. Example: Value of bike is less than £1000, collection cost £118.50, value of your bike £118.50 or less, balance to you would be £0.


Pre-Purchase Inspection: 

Our provisional offer will become an offer to purchase your vehicle once we have carried out a full Pre-Purchase Inspection on your doorstep or at our offices. (Registered address: see below). 

If we consider that its value is affected by any aspect of its history or condition, which we were not made aware of when we made the verbal subject to contract offer , the price that we offer for the bike will differ. 


Payment Options: 

Our standard payment is by Electronic Bank Transfer, a payment made direct into your bank account, this payment is usually received in your bank account instantly whilst our mechanic/driver is with you, but in some circumstances can take up to 6 hours. 

The vehicle will not be loaded onto our collection vans until you have received full payment for the vehicle and have signed the purchase invoice. Alternative payment methods can be arranged with prior notice, or if you do not have access to internet banking. 


Once your vehicle has been sold to us:

Upon receipt of the full payment for your vehicle and a signed invoice we Carbay Ltd and you the seller have entered into a contract of sale,  our drivers will then load the vehicle onto our van and the vehicle will change ownership. You will be given the yellow slip from your log book and it is your responsibility to ensure this is sent to DVLA immediately to advise them you have sold the vehicle.


Existing Finance:

We carry out a full HPI at the time of provisional acceptance of our offer so any existing finance in place will show on this report. We will then contact the relevant finance company with your authorisation and obtain an up to date settlement figure in writing which will be used to settle your existing finance.

Any existing finance on your vehicle once the transaction has taken place will be paid by our accounts department to the relevant finance company. Most finance companies take over the phone business card payment which shows up instantly. Some other finance companies require a cheque, which is then sent once the vehicle returns to our showroom. Please allow up to 24 hours in these circumstances for which you will have been fully informed by telephone.


Change of mind:

It may be necessary to cancel the provisional offer for which we will usually, but not bound to give a reason and do so within an adequate time scale.

In most cases this is due to misleading or inaccurate information given regarding your vehicle or if a HPI report proves unsatisfactory.

We will let you know at our very earliest convenience and will either re offer a new provisional price for your vehicle or terminate the provisional offer with immediate effect.

You the seller may change your mind for reasons out of our control , if this is the case you will need to notify us at least 24 hours before our driver arrives or within 24 hours from when the provisional offer was given.


Sellbike.com is a site operated by Carbay Ltd. (we or us), with a registered address at Grape Mill, Holden Fold Lane, Oldham, OL2 5LW. We are a company registered in England and Wales under company number 5509357.



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